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Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Many people do not realize the benefits of air duct cleaning for a home and its' residents. Homeowners that have not had an air vent cleaned in years often suffer from a wider vareity of allergy and respiratory problems. We realize that installing new carpet will remove lots of dirt and dust mites itself but we believe having an air duct cleaning is essential for promoting healthy living within a home. This is why we bring the proper equipment to show you live footage of what your air ducts currently look like and you can decide if you agree.

If air vents are not properly cleaned, many kinds of problems can arise. When air ducts get coated in dust and debris it is pumped out into the home through the ventilation. Once out, this debris can then circulate throughout the home, polluting the air you breathe and also coat the carpet. When people walk onto the carpet, the dust is disturbed and kicked up into the air and enters your lungs. Not only can this ruin one of the main purposes of the carpeting (comfort), but family members with asthma, allergies, or other breathing issues can suffer when not maintained. With professional air vent cleaning and regular carpet cleaning, a harsh environment for friends and family alike can be avoided.