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A Great Look With Berber

There are multiple reasons and benefits that have pushed it up to the top of the line in the flooring industry:

  • Berber comes with a great inexpensive cost. It is made from olefin fiber, which comes at a better cost than other types of fiber. It is also made in a looped style which increases the durability of the carpeting. So you get a durable and great carpet for a cheap price.
  • Maintenance comes quite easy with berber style carpeting. Due to the looped construction, spills tend to sit on top of the pile. So if you get to them quickly, you may be able to prevent them from sinking into the material. And thanks to the flecked look and colors berber comes with, it is good at hiding dirt and other things that a vacuum does not pick up.

The only concern that should be taken into consideration is if you have pets. It is very easy for pets claws to snag in the loops of the carpet. Cats will tend to pull out the loops pf the carpet, giving it an unruly and sloppy look. Make sure to look into this before you make a final purchase if you have pets.