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The Durable Effects Of Frieze

Frieze is a great type of carpet to have installed in your home. It is durable and can stand up to a lot of high traffic and the wear and tear of life. The way the frieze carpeting is styled allows it to not only stay durable, but it also works well with pets if you are an animal lover. Your carpet will not turn into a boring conventional carpet with frieze. It will keep it's look of class and style for years to come. If you are looking for carpet that will last, frieze is your answer.

There are multiple benefits that come with frieze carpeting that may be an influence on the type of carpeting you get.

  • As stated above, the durability of frieze is incredible. And what is cool about it is that the design actually helps with its durability. The fibers are twisted tightly so it will not come undone.
  • Frieze has become quite the trendy carpet in today's society. The unique style it carries serves as a fun yet formal look. It is seen in many new homes, so if you want to stay on top in the fashion aspect of interior design, frieze carpet is for you.
  • Frieze carpet is very dense, so it feels like it comes with its own insulation. It dampens sound so you do not have to deal with an annoying echo sound when you walk throughout your home, it also could possibly lower your electricity bill by getting rid of the cold floor aspect in the winter.
  • Last but not least, it conceals dirt that cannot get picked up by vacuuming. At least if you cannot get it up, it still will not be seen. This is perfect for rooms that have many accidental spills. The stains hide well with darker colors of the carpet, so no one will see them.

Knowing the benefits frieze carpet has to offer, it would be a good idea to consider it. If you do make the decision to get frieze carpet installed, let our professional installers here at The Carpet Guys do the job right for you. Some the best carpet installers are hired here, so do not look anywhere else. Take a look at some of our carpet specials or fill out a free in-home estimate to get started on installing your new carpet today!