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How to Get Flooring Installed, Cheap.

Getting new carpet/flooring installed is not always cheap. Sometimes a simple carpet installation throughout an entire home can cost a homeowner multiple thousands (for larger homes, and the higheer quality products). People that are looking for a cheap carpet prices but still want a medium to high quality product still have options. Getting a cheap carpet installation is easy when you apply for our interest free financing options!

Starting at just $59.99 a month, you can get new carpet for your entire home that will satisfy you and your family for years to come. When we say entire home, we mean the WHOLE house; any room that needs carpet installed and we've got you covered. That's right. For just a simple monthly payment, you can fill your home with new carpeting today! The best part about it is the majority of our financing options have interest free payments!

It is expensive when it comes to buying new carpet nowadays. There are many hidden fees and payments on services that are included with the carpet installation process, creating a financial burden on consumers. With this carpet financing program, outrageous payments are a thing of the past. This is basically like paying two dollars a day! What do you spend two dollars on daily?

  • A cup of coffee?
  • A candy bar?
  • Your favorite bottle of soda?

How about a full house of carpet, and fresh and new carpet at that. Rather than spending the sixty dollars a month on the things we purchase daily, it can be spent on a complete flooring remake.