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Hardwood refinishing from Carpet Guys

The Carpet Guys’ installers have decades of combined experience, and will use state-of-the-art equipment while paying great attention to detail when removing the imperfections in your hardwood floors prior to refinishing them. After your floor is sanded, our hardwood specialists will fill in all of the cracks, dents, splits and areas where the individual boards may have become gapped over time, and then give the floor a final screening to ensure a smooth surface before applying three coats of the best high-traffic finishes on the market.

The industry standard for refinishing wood floors is to use two coats of oil-based finish after the sanding process has been completed. Unfortunately, oil-based products have a much longer drying time, and also produce odors and fumes that can be quite invasive to homeowners. The Carpet Guys understand that your home is your family’s sanctuary, and being cognizant of that, we have found that by using three coats of water-based finish, your newly resurfaced hardwood floors will produce minimal odor, dry faster, and will maintain their beauty for much longer than traditional refinishing methods would allow them to.

When to get hardwood refinished?

Natural hardwood floors add beauty and elegance to any home, but they will eventually begin to show wear and tear. Over the years, sunlight and inevitable changes in temperature and humidity can cause hardwood floors to fade or darken, and heavy foot traffic can cause scratches, scuffs, dents, and scrapes. Children and pets may have accidents that result in damage to your beautiful hardwood floors, in addition to the normal beating they take from your family’s busy day-to-day life. When the time comes to give your hardwood floors a fresh update in color with a new stain, or an overall facelift to restore the wood’s natural beauty, there is no better company to call in metro Detroit than The Carpet Guys.

The Carpet Guys specialize in DUST-FREE* sanding and refinishing of all types of hardwood floors, whether they be domestic or exotic woods. As a natural product of our environment, hardwood is full of its own individual imperfections that give it character, and working with such a product takes far more experience than just reading a do-it-yourself book and renting a sander at your local big-box home improvement store. Refinishing natural hardwood flooring takes a great deal of skill and patience in order to perform the task proficiently, and years of experience have given our sand-and-refinish crews the knowledge to do the job the right way. The Carpet Guys will provide you with the utmost expertise, precision, and quality of work when we enter your home. Let us take the hard work and worry out of refinishing your floors for you!
Hardwood Refinishing in Troy, MI area from Carpet Guys

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We have never claimed to be the absolute least expensive hardwood floor refinishing company out there, but we are the best in metro Detroit when it comes to revitalizing the appearance of hardwood flooring. Call The Carpet Guys for your dustless sanding-and-refinishing quote today.